What is Prayer and Why Pray? (Part 1)

Matthew 6:9-10 – The Lord’s Prayer

The way I understand prayer is that it’s a dialogue between God and I. It’s talking to Him, petitioning God, asking for help and a need.

Is there a right or wrong way of praying? Definitely not!

A prayer can be as short as a cry for help:

“God, please help!”

or longer with thanksgiving, praising God, and petitioning Him for a need we have in our or someone else’s life.

A while back I looked at the Lord’s Prayer. And I believe that it can be used as a guideline, like a framework for how to pray or, as some say, petition God. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer as is covers all the petitions as well.

There are six petitions in the Lord’s Prayer. The first three, in Matthew 6:9 and 10 focus on the glory of God; and the second three, in verses 11 to 13, focus on our personal needs.*

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