100% Rye Bread – Sourdough (no yeast)

(Attention: this is a sticky dough, you cannot kneed it with your hands, just stir it with a wooden spoon or in your Kitchen Aid with the dough paddle.)
This makes a small loaf; pan size: about 10” x 4.5”

Day 1 – (plan to let mixture rest 12-24 hrs before baking)

350 g Rye (medium fine) — mix with
350 g room temperature water — and add
2 Tblsp Sourdough — cover and let rest (12-24 hrs) at room temperature

Day 2 preheat oven to 375°F

700 g Sourdough — (Sourdough from Day 1 less 2 Tblsp off the sourdough for the next bread which you can store in a container in the refrigerator). Then add:
200 ml room temperature water — mix together and add
1 or 2 Tblsp Molasses — and
Sunflower Seeds — and
Pumpkin seeds — mix thoroughly before adding

335 g Rye flour — mixed with
2 tsp. salt — mix, add to rest of the above dough, mix well, but don’t overmix.

Put into greased bread pan, flatten top, cut across so it doesn’t break, and dust with any kind of flour (I use oat flour).

Bake immediately for 2 hours. (no rising necessary, it will rise while baking)
(If you want to double the recipe you will have to bake it for 2.5 hours).

Turn onto cooling rack and let cool. Then put into a container or plastic bag to dry out / rest for at least 24 hours before slicing because the bread will be sticky inside. This bread cannot be eaten right out of the oven.

It’s going to be a dense bread and should be sliced thinly. You can toast it but I think it just tastes better without.

It’s very nutritious and very high in fiber. (I have a grain mill and grind the flour right before I bake preserving the good properties of the whole grain.)

It freezes well, too.

I hope you enjoy the bread just as much as we do!

Let me know how it turned out.