Born and raised in Northern Germany, I, Elfriede have had a passion for cooking and nutrition since I was 12.  I often helped my mom to cook the family dinners at home. Everything was made from scratch. Living and growing up on the country side had, besides others, the advantage of having a big garden and growing most of one’s own food. Living in Europe also had the benefit that you were exposed to international cuisine everywhere.

In April 1995 Elfriede immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian citizen in July 1999.

We, my husband Mike, and our pets, settled in Golden, British Columbia, Canada in the fall of 2003. All of us enjoy the great outdoors in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and love to hike.

Elfriede has a degree as translator as well as a degree in international trade. Over the years of her career she has held positions in international sales and marketing travelling countries like the USA, Canada and Europe. She lived and worked in Nottingham/UK, and organized and participated at trade fairs for companies in Germany. Upon arrival in Canada she was the co-owner and president of G.E.N.F. Motel Enterprises in Golden, B.C.

Finally the time came to follow her passion. Elfriede enrolled at the American College of Healthcare Sciences, (http://www.achs.edu) Portland, Oregon and on February 16, 2010 was awarded her Certificate in HOLISTIC NUTRITION CONSULTING.