Welcome to my Website and Blog.

Here is a little bit about myself. You can find more details under the “About” button.

First of all, I am a born-again Christian – saved by the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity.

“Serve the LORD with gladness… Know that the LORD, He is God…”
(Psalm 100:2a, 3a – NKJV)

With this blog I want to share my passion for the Lord, holistic health, nutrition and recipes for healthy meals.

For me “Nutrition” consists of three main courses:

  • BODY
    Consists of avoiding the wrong foods—like foods with chemicals and foods that are genetically modified—and eating the right foods…in moderation. And, equally important, daily, physical exercise…also in moderation.

  • MIND 
    Being optimistic, positive and not being negative—properly handling stress—having healthy relationships with others—enjoying life.

    Being confident in our eternal destination—not feeling guilty—not worrisome—having patience, kindness, and gentleness—forgiveness—maintaining self-control by knowing God is with you.

There is something to be said for the confidence you have when you know what you believe to be the truth.

Don’t take just part of the menu, but all three, or you will have physical, mental, or spiritual malnutrition. Wholesome, if we break the word down, becomes “whole” and “some.” We all need some of everything on the list to be whole in our daily living.

The three mains are interrelated:

If we do not go to extremes in our foods we can laugh when we eat a nice dessert. We can feel confident that the exercise will burn the calories. When we exercise it makes us feel more energetic instead of tired and sluggish. The third item on the menu is like the dessert on a restaurant list: The quality of life we obtain from fellowshipping with others is coming from the contagious encouragement and building up of each other.

Besides all this I team up with my husband Mike as an editor of his manuscripts and book manager. So far we have published three books: Calling from the Sky, Digging Deep into the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and Considering Wisdom. Currently we are working on The Discernment Dilemma.

I pray and hope that this blog will be encouraging and uplifting to you!