Invitation to Be a Book Launch Team Member

Would you like to be a member of our book launch team for our next book?

Where has the Winter gone? Time is flying; it just was January and now it’s the middle of April already. Even though it’s been another winter with lots of snow, which is usually the slow, relaxed season of the year, I have been very busy.

Busy with what? My husband finished another novel and I am now in the process of publishing and marketing, etc. it.

So, today, I want to share our next step in the publishing adventure of this new book titled

A Novel Inspired by True Events

with you and invite you to be a part of our Book Launch Team.

I am so excited that I have managed to get the manuscript uploaded, edited and formatted, and interior illustrations inserted. The next step will be to upload the cover a friend of ours is designing as soon as he is ready.

Once it’s all ready to go we will be ordering a proof copy!

The official release date is set for June 13, 2023!

A Short Summary of the Book

Here is a short summary of what “Vastness of Pace” is about:

Vastness of Pace is a short, fun, humorous, romantic, summer read!

In his book Vastness of Pace, Michael Copple subtly blends humor with such differing settings as peaceful serenity and intense chaos.

Luke and Melissa, newlyweds, live temporarily in the Provence, France on an assignment from Luke’s employer in the States. They live to make each other happy and their life is calm and relaxed.

An invitation to a wedding in Cholet from Melissa’s friend seems to be a wonderful opportunity for a relaxed trip through France. A blue-sky day sets a relaxed start to their trip. However, an unexpected traffic jam, an eighteen-wheeler on one side and concrete barriers forcing them to merge into its lane, forgotten wedding clothes, running low on gas late at night high up in the mountains, reckless driving on Luke’s part, not merely minor damages to the car, and other incidences turn their life, moods, and emotions upside down. The tension not only tests their patience but their love for each other and their relationship.

Will they make it in time to the wedding? What valuable lessons will they learn about themselves and each other? Will this trip, turned chaotic and stressful, emotions flying high, end in separation or bring them closer together?

It seems impossible to mix humor with the high pressure, chaos, and strained emotions; but fasten seatbelts and get ready for an exciting ride.

Goal for this Book

The goal for this book is to make an impact for the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching people who don’t know Him yet as their Lord and Savior. To reach this goal we would like for the book to hit the Bestseller List! (Big Dreams! But nothing is impossible with God! Right?)

This is why we are looking for Book Launch Team Members, people like you, who would be interested in helping in the launch of this book. This might sound overwhelming but don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy. All you need to invest are a few minutes a week between May 9 and June 20, 2023.

Definition of Book Launch Team Member

So, you might ask:
-What is a Book Launch Team Member?
-What is expected of a Book Launch Team Member?
-Are there rewards?

Book Launch Team Members are key to spreading the news about the new book and hopefully get the book into as many hands as possible essential for its success. Team Members are the cheerleaders that let the world know an exciting new book is coming that needs to be read!

What do You have to do as a Book Launch Team Member?

As a Book Launch Team Member, we expect you to:

  • Read the book before it’s released and ready for purchase (we’ll email you a PDF or a link to download an e-Pub of the book).
  • Agree to receive email instructions, graphics and other shareable info suitable for the different social media platforms from us during the time of the campaign.
  • Share the prepared information about the book via email or on social media before release day to encourage pre-orders of the book.
  • Optional: share with us any creative and unique ideas you have that can be used to promote the book.
  • Pre-order an eBook (we will share a link as soon as available).
  • Write a short review and post it to one (Goodreads) or different sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc. within one week from the release date.
  • Sign-up to follow our blog if you haven’t done that yet.
  • And pray for a successful release.

Success of the Launch

Reader reviews and sales in the early days of a book’s release set the stage for success. Word-of-mouth ensures continued success. When a book has the potential to change lives, success for the book equals more lives changed.

Is there a Reward?

What can you expect if you decide to join the team?

  • Be one of the first to read a PDF or e-Pub of the manuscript;
  • be one of the first to get a look at the book cover; and
  • be one of the first to see the interior illustrations;
  • receive prepared graphics and text for you to post in social media or send to friends;
  • an insider’s look into the book publishing industry; and
  • an autographed copy of the published book after the release.
  • a link to download our small eBook “Canadian Rocky Mountain Scenes with 52 Quotes from Considering Wisdom” as a “Thank You” for following our blog.

All these efforts should bring the book successfully to the market.

With all this said, we understand that everyone’s life is busy nowadays. If at some point during the launch you feel overwhelmed or think that this isn’t really your cup of tea after all, feel free to leave the team. No hard feelings.

We pray that “Vastness of Pace” will have an impact for the Lord, and maybe reach a soul for Him.

How do You Join?

To join the launch team, please click the link below and complete the form “I would like to be on the Book Launch Team”.

Thank you for considering our invitation to join the Book Launch Team and we are looking forward to your response.

May God bless you in all your needs!

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