Invitation to Become a Book Launch Team Member

Would you like to be a part of the book launch for our next book?

Today, I want to share our next step in the publishing adventure of our book titled:

Solving The Spiritual Dilemma
Why is Discernment the Key to Receiving Eternal Life?

and invite you to be a part in the book launch.

I am so excited that I have managed to get the manuscript uploaded, edited and formatted, and interior photos inserted. Today I have been trying to upload the cover a friend of ours designed but am having some difficulties – so, I emailed the publisher and hope that they can help. I will keep you posted.

Once it’s all ready to go we will be ordering a proof copy!

The official release date is set for April 8th, 2022!


Here is a short summary of what “Solving The Spiritual Dilemma”, a non-fiction, is about:

In today’s world of viruses, lawlessness, murders, and skyrocketing crime rates; overwhelming insecurity has overtaken peace and safety.

We are seeing prophecies being fulfilled. The indoctrination, declining morality, and preparation for people to take the mark of the antichrist are predicted by God. He promises that things are soon going to get a lot worse for those who continue to reject Him. This will all occur right after the taking up of believers from earth. Optimism is dwindling, yet, until that day, there is great hope!

What is this hope? And where can you find it?

Scripture tells us that a person who does not know God cannot correctly make sense of the Bible and find it. Without discernment a person cannot come to know God and this hope.(1 Corinthians 2:14)

How can you unlock this dilemma?

This book explains how to solve it and how to develop a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whoever reads and understands will see the need to make the most crucial decision possible during this temporary life on earth—that is, to receive eternal life by accepting our Savior who has provided the only way to escape the soon coming seven-year Tribulation and wrath of our loving, just, and all powerful, Almighty God.

With all this said, this book will enable the reader to explain:

  • Why the Bible is foolishness to some
  • A believer’s confidence in the sure hope of eternal life
  • That eternal life is a free gift, how to receive it, and when it begins
  • How to distinguish indoctrinating theories and falsehoods from truth and facts
  • What the truth really is according to the ultimate Source of Wisdom


The goal for this book is to make an impact for the Lord Jesus Christ, and in order to reach this goal we would like for the book to hit the Bestseller List! (Big Dreams! But nothing is impossible with God! Right?)

To achieve this goal we are looking for Book Launch Team Members, people like you, who would be interested in helping in the launch of this book. This might sound overwhelming but don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy. All you need to invest are a few minutes a week between March 7th and April 18th, 2022.

Definition of Book Launch Team Member

So, you might ask:
-What is a Book Launch Team Member?
-What is expected of a Book Launch Team Member?
-What are the rewards?

Book Launch Team Members are key to spreading the news about the new book and hopefully get the book into as many hands as possible essential for its success. Team Members are the cheerleaders that let the world know an exciting new book is coming that needs to be read!


The following would be expected of you as a Book Launch Team Member:

  • Read the book before it’s released and ready for purchase (we’ll email you a PDF or epub of the book).
  • Agree to receive email instructions, graphics and other shareable info suitable for the different social media platforms from us during the time of the campaign.
  • Share the prepared information about the book via email or on social media before release day to encourage pre-orders of the book.
  • Optional: share with us any creative and unique ideas you have that can be used to promote the book.
  • Pre-order an eBook.
  • Write a short review and post it to one (Goodreads) or different sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc. within one week from the release date.
  • Sign-up below to follow Michael Copple’s blog if you haven’t done that yet.
  • And pray for a successful release.

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Reader reviews and sales in the early days of a book’s release set the stage for success. Word-of-mouth ensures continued success. When a book has the potential to change lives, success for the book equals more lives changed.


What can you expect if you decide to join the team?

  • receive a PDF or epub of the book to read before it’s released and ready for purchase;
  • be the first to get a look at the book cover; and
  • be the first to see the interior pictures;
  • receive prepared graphics and text for you to post in social media or send to friends;
  • an insider’s look into the book publishing industry; and
  • an autographed copy of the published book after the release.
  • a link to download our small eBook “Canadian Rocky Mountain Scenes with 52 Quotes from Considering Wisdom” as a “Thank You” for signing up to follow our blog.

All these efforts should bring the book successfully to the market.

I am Busy

With all this said, we understand that everyone’s life is busy nowadays. If at some point during the launch you feel overwhelmed or think that this isn’t really your cup of tea after all, feel free to leave the team. No hard feelings.

We pray that “Solving the Spiritual Dilemma” will have an impact for the Lord, and on how the next generation of parents will raise their children countering indoctrination efforts by the world.


To join the launch team, please follow the link below to “I would like to be on the Book Launch Team” form and complete it.

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Thank you for considering our invitation to join the Book Launch Team.

Blessings, Elfriede

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